Very high VIN7 voltage reported. What is it?


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What is it? I just assembled a i7 8700 non-k system and in the process of reducing voltages across the board for thermals and longevity and has been successfull with the VCore and VCCIO/SA and RAM voltage, but I can't find any info anywhere about a "VIN7" voltage setting. I tried fiddling around with the bios voltages which are so far unknown to me and unmeasured in the BIOS ( all they say is "auto" ), but all that got me is a trip inside the case to remove the battery to clear CMOS since it wouldn't even post.

It concerns me a bit because right now, according to HWinfo, this voltage is sitting at a crazy high 1.528v...

I suppose VIN means "voltage input #7", and that it's generically labeled instead of specifically labeled so far because the program doesn't know what it is exactly.

In the bios, those that I don't know their exact counterparts in HWinfo that I can control by going from auto to manual are:

CPU PLL OC Voltage
SA PLL SFR Voltage
MC PLL SFR Voltage
CPU ST PLL Voltage

Motherboard is a MSI Z370 PC PRO. Any clues as to which is the VIN7? Thanks! :)
Yes, VIN stands for "Voltage Input" and it's a generic naming for sensors which meaning is unknown. Such sensors are most probably not used (not connected to a real source) on mainboard and thus can provide erratic values. I wouldn't worry about it.
desgen said:
Seems like a tradition if there's a generic label issue the dev ends up wanting a debug file, so to get you started so he wont have to wait and ask when the he's around.

Here it is... Report from HWinfo and the debug file from the debug mode. Voltage isn't erratic btw, but moves like a normal reading would from time to time, varying by millivolts ( altho it hasn't in this sensor session, it stayed stable ).


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