very long stall time before it starts


my setup: PRIME Z790-P WIFI, 13600kf, arc 770... nothing exotic.
it worked fine until recent driver updates.

Now when I click the latest version of hwinfo portable (742) exe; it asks for admin rights as usual. And then stalls like 1-2 minutes, then comes up. I disabled various pollings for startup but nothing changed. Then I took the dump file and reporting here.

current settings:



Try to run with the "Show Welcome Screen and Progress" option enabled and check which "Detecting..." item takes most time.

thanks for reply.

it hangs Examining system configuration... Analyzing Devices...

after like 1-1.5 minutes. bar almost immediately finishes, and starts normally.


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That looks like some of your devices take excessive time to respond. Check in Device Manager and try to get properties for some of them (i.e. the Bluetooth, Printer or WiFi) if you experience a similar long delay there.
nope nothing, and I only updated intel GNA chipset drivers, bios, MEI, MEI driver and ARC GPU driver.
one of these are suspect cause it was working fine before these updates.

also just noticed that 742 reports that VMX is not supported on this cpu, which it is supported and also i checked it is enabled in my bios.
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VMX is reported as disabled because it's masked off by Hyper-V.
Try to disable some of those drivers just to check if that's causing the delay in HWiNFO scan.
ok, uhmm I disabled GNA driver, I also rollbacked to the previous version. I can't disable ARC but also rolled back to previous one.
I can't rollback the rest (MEI & BIOS). sorry.
the ones I did changed nothing.

don't debug file tells anything? which device makes it stall? i tried to understand it but can't see timestamps so i can deduce the exact device...
No, unfortunately the Debug File doesn't show the time spent for this scan but I'm considering adding that.
ok thanks then, i'm sure -unless it is just me- people also will report it and we'll get to bottom of it. thanks for all the replies.
Indeed, too many very different devices show now an extremely long time to scan. This could indicate some general issue in Windows device management.
Sorry, I don't know what exactly might be causing this. Try to disable the MEI driver, it should be possible.
I did, I don't think it is actually taking it down even if I do a reboot. but nonetheless I disabled it and reboot and tried it, it changed nothing.

anyways, i'm gonna find people with the same board and see if they are experiencing something similar and if I find anything i'll report back.

thanks for all the help.
sorry to bump up, i'm writing this just for the record.
with 746 this is completely fixed. I didn't install a single new thing.