Video Memory -1 MBytes of SDRAM


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Hi all

My laptop is Dell Inspiron 15R 7520. Dual boot: Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04.3
It has hybrid graphic card: Intel HD 4000 and Radeon HD 7730M.

TIme ago I was playing Civilization VI and I got a blue screen on Windows 10 saying "THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER".
After that I am not able to boot Windows properly and I am getting errors on Ubuntu related to memory card but I still can use the system with Intel HD 4000 card.

I have run the ePSA diagnostic tool of Dell laptop on setup and it shows that videocard passes the test successfully.

Does the information shown by HWINFO mean that the video memory of Radeon HD card is damaged? (see atachment)

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A hardware damage would be quite unlikely. Try to completely uninstall and then install back GPU drivers to see if that helps.