Voltage Correlation


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I've been using hwInfo for quite a while now and have recently come across an issue with a new motherboard -ASRock 970A G/3.1

VIN4 and VIN6 seem to have a correlation to my PC freezing under load. These values also match each other between a ms lag. These values will go from ~2,0V and may drop to 0,0V. This seems to happen only under gaming load (as does the freeze) which is why I feel these values signal something. These value fluctuates from 2V to 0V quite a bit under load, but if it sustains at 0 too long, my PC freezes. 

Unfortunately I have not been able to find a good search on it - does anyone know what VIN4 and VIN6 are or could be?
I'm sorry, I can't help with this. Only ASRock knows how/where exactly those VINs are connected.