Voltage rail readings?


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Are the motherboard voltage readings indicative of the voltage the PSU is providing as well as the motherboard? I have a brand new Seasonic Prime Ultra PSU. Seasonic claim a 0.5% micro tolerance load regulation on the voltage rails. Under load HWiNFO indicates my 12V rail drops from 12.192V to 12.000V and if my calculations are correct that is more than a 0.5% drop...
That also depends on accuracy of the SIO HW monitor and mainboard settings.
Usually the accuracy is 0.008 V but for rails like +12V it's higher. For example the ASUS MAXIMUS X has an accuracy of 0.096 V on that rail.
I have an Asus Maximus X Hero. If the X Hero has an accuracy of 0.096V what is my 12.000V in reality? Sorry math's.  :huh:
+ or - 0.096 V along the readout you're getting. The board cannot measure it more precisely.
What about the idle no load reading is that also +/- 0.096V or is that an accurate reading? In my case the idle load reading is 12.192V.
omg I love you. I've been trying to figure out why hwinfo, speccy and occt all read 11.904 idle/11.808 load and it's because of the +/- .096v variance on my maximus x formula. Literally freaking out my PSU was going bad.

Sorry for necroing your thread. Thanks again.