VR-Loop 1 & 2 drops down to 0 degrees


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Hello Guys,

i have a Gigabyte Z590 Master BIOS F7 with Intel i9-11900k.
After a few times, i see a 1 second drop on vr-loop 1 and 2 to 0 degrees. Is that normal?
After that HWInfo64 can not read more the DRAM Temp. It's marking grey. If i restart hwinfo. DRAM not more detected. I need to restart PC, before HWInfo detected DRAM. Is there a bug or a hardware problem?
Thx for help.
That looks like a failure of the entire SMBus. If the issue happens are all other VR values 0 or gray, not just the temperature?
Are you perhaps running some other monitoring or tweaking tools with HWiNFO?
Hey thx. No only VR-Loop1 and 2 displayed 0 degrees for a second. After than is displayed normal, but DRAM is disabled and marking grey. CPU displayed sometimes 0 degrees too, but i fixed it with disable c-state in bios. PC works normal. No other issue, no crashes or whatever in or out of games.
Yeah i using Winaero Tweaker, Classic Shell, RGB Fusion to control RGB and Aorus Engine thats a tool for the graphic card to control fan speed and oc or silent fan mode. I think RGB Fusion makes that problem. but i can not say it. I hope its not a hardware problem.
I it's the RGB Fusion causing that issue as it conflicts with any other tool accessing the DIMMs or sensors. Has been observed and reported multiple times.