Vring on Z97 PC Mate


I've finally decided to start tackling my uncore OC, and I'm having trouble locating the Vring value on HWiNFO. the value marked CPU Ring does not change when I increase the Vring on the UEFI. however, the VIN14 value seems to be a good approximation, and it does in fact increase. a few other values have small changes, but this one closest resembles my set value (set at 1.1, VIN14=1.08; set at 1.2, VIN14=1.18). does this sound correct?

as a side note, my Vcore also reads higher than my VID, and I imagine it's related to the vdroop on my VCCIN (no LLC option that I could find for that on this board sadly)

EDIT: that's a lie, my Vcore always reads *higher* than my VID
Yes it's possible that VIN14 is VRING, but I need to check with MSI whether they confirm it.
Is MSI Command Center displaying the VRING the same value as VIN14 in HWiNFO ?
fat32face, I had to do trial and error to get the voltages correct within hwinfo for my MSI X99 motherboard earlier. All you can really do is take note of all the voltages, change the ring voltage, and note if any of them changed significantly. Sometimes there might be an offset number added/subtracted to the number that HWInfo shows, or it might need to be multiplied or divided by a certain number (Many of the sensors in hwinfo before proper support were reported half of the actual value, so they needed to be doubled to be correct).

Seeing that motherboard is an MSI brand, try getting the MSI Control Center software, downloadable from MSI's website, and go into the voltage button on the bottom left (If you have one). It should pop up a window with voltages that you may be able to change within Windows. I used this software to tackle the accuracy of sensor names and values of my X99 motherboard 1 by 1 until all of them were documented. There remains a few mystery voltage sensors, but nothing that I can actually change in the BIOS or in Windows.

My thread on how I documented the wrong sensors: http://www.hwinfo.com/forum/Thread-New-motherboard-MSI-X99S-XPOWER-AC-debug-inside?pid=6940#pid6940
Some screenshots of the MSI Control Center software.


Voltage tab. Lots of adjustable voltages here, but not actually monitored within here. MSI's control software does have voltage monitoring in the Information -> H/W Monitor area though.
wow so I don't even see Ring Voltage when I look there... another missing feature from this board, maybe? I guess you get what you pay for...

thanks for your help!