VRM Monitoring


I'm new to this board and was wondering if anyone knew what value or item I should be looking at for my Z390-e Asus mother for the VRM?
Either "VRM" under the ASUS EC sensor (if present) or "VR VCC" under the CPU sensor (if present). But I'm not sure if that model features a VRM that can measure and report temperature.
I've seen the Asus ec sensor, but according to this program it's not advisable to monitor it. Why I have no clue.
What kind of precaution? I'm new to all this stuff and this rig has to last me for about 5 years. So I'm just wondering what kind of precaution are we talking about?
It is described in the warning you got - reading that sensor might cause higher latency or stability issues on some systems. But this is a rare effect.