Wake up problem.


Hello. i'm not 100% sure that Hwinfo is the problem but, after wake up my PC have crackling and popping sound problem. I found program LatencMon and it showing that i have audio problem and ACPI.sys have high latency. if i shut down HWinfo everything looks good. but sound isnt 100% back but its alot better, if i reopen Hwinfo later looks like situation doesnt change much, but latencymon start showing that i have audio problem. but if i want have perfect audio i need restart PC. included pic after wake up and when i shut down hwinfo

ED/ ok so after few minutes audio problem is back (hwinfo is off) so it must be something else
ED2/so it looks like the sound fix itself, but i still have HWinfo off. so really don't know what the problem is. my motherboard Maximus z390 Apex, latest bios,drivers,Windows updates

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You might try to disable some of the HWiNFO sensors, i.e. ASUS EC if you have such to check if that will make any difference.
But it might be well something completely else in the system causing it.