Was wondering if someone could help me decipher this .csv file I got from HWINFO


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I've been experiencing crashes for a while now, they're hard reboots with no .dmps or bsod created. Just shutdown and restart, so lately I've been trying different methods I've been getting from other forums. But I saw that you guys had the logging function on HWINFO and a viewer created for it and I was ecstatic! However I do not know how to read this file or use the viewer properly to find out any useful information. So I was hoping someone here could help. If you need any other information just reply and let me know! Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Should I post a dropbox link or something? When I tried to attach the file it just didn't appear.

EDIT2: Just put it in a .rar


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I'm using the Generic Log Viewer, I'm just not sure what to be looking for with my specific issue. I know it's not a thermal issue, should I maybe look towards the voltages? I didn't see any WHEA errors either.
If in doubt, look at everything.: frequencies, voltages, temperatures and so on. Yes, I know it's a lot to look at. But when there are no clues as to could be the culprit, nothing can really be ruled out. It could be a driver issue, or a hardware issue. Disable all overclocks you might have applied, even disable XMP temporarily. Also check the Event Log in Windows Event Viewer for any hints.