Weird temperature reading text.

All of my temperatures text are showing weird symbol next to °C.
This problem happened after reinstalling windows and hwinfo64.
Do you have the latest version of HWiNFO and Streamdeck plugin?
What system locale/language are you using?
Do you maybe have the "Use Unicode UTF-8 ..." option enabled in advanced Regional Settings of Windows?
I have the latest version of both apps.
System languge is English (US), keyboard Latvian (Standart)
Unicode UTF-8 is not enabled.
Try to enable the Unicode UTF-8 option and restart HWiNFO if that will fix it.
Have you also restarted Windows after enabling UTF-8?
If yes, please try to change your Region in Windows to something else (e.g. USA) and restart HWiNFO if that will show correct degree character.
Does this invalid character also appear on HWiNFO sensor screen? Try to completely Reset Preferences in main HWiNFO settings.