Weird thump noise of HDD with SMART monitoring


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I noticed that my HDD does a loud thump noise with every tick HWinfo updates the values. Set to 2 seconds it does that every 2 seconds right as the new data drops in.
It does not happen when i disable SMART monitoring. It goes when i enable SMART monitoring. Nothing else causes this behaviour. Monitoring Read Activity or Write Total does not cause this.

I have a HGST HUH721010ALN600 which works flawlessly and no problems are being reported. It can be rather loud when stressed but otherwise just mixes in with the rest of the hardware.
This has never happened with other HDDs and is quiet a mistery to me.
Could it be its Firmware? Hwinfo doing something wrong? And what is even happening making such a low frequency sound?
I defintely cannot let it run that way as its going on my nerves so SMART Monitoring it is off for that HDD.
I think it's a firmware issue. HWiNFO performs standard SMART (or ATA Statistics) queries that should not be causing any excessive effects.
If you'd still like to keep SMART monitoring, you can adjust the SMART polling rate in sensor settings, so it happens less frequently.