What exactly means Virtual Machine Extensions (VMX) not present?


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I have a problem with a brand new laptop with a processor i7-11390H, Windows 11 64bit and Oracle VirtualBox.
HwInfo told me, that VMX is not present, VT-x is enabled and I could not operate a virtual platform regardless of whether it is a new or imported platform.
All my other computers supports this feature (VMX) in hwinfo an has no problem with VirtualBox at no time.
The problem with the VM's is they always restart or I get constant a bluescreen. The eventlog says in the most cases "Kernel power".
Have ervyone a idea?
If VMX is enabled in BIOS and not reported by HWiNFO then it might be because another Hypervisor is active in the system (like Hyper-V) which is masking this flag.