What values should I be looking at the most?


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Hey guys,

Im new to HWInfo but I heard it is the end all program for monitoring your machine to make sure it is working in tip top shape!

I am confused though because if I want to look at just the CPU temp for examples, theres a bunch of different areas to look. Such as CPU #0 Intel Core i9-9920X:Enhanced CPU Package, CPU #0 Intel Core i9-9920X DTS CPU Package, Core Max, Then in the ASRock X299E-ITX/ac (Nuvotun NCT6791D) CPU temp. Theres tons of places to look. Ive attached images of questionable areas.

1. Can someone help me figure out what I should look for? Heres the things that Id like to keep my eye on that I cant find where to look:
  • CPU Overall Temp
  • CPU Power Draw
  • CPU Voltage
  • VRM Overall Temp - Theres nothing in the list that says VRM. I see the 4 sections that have the Renesas ISL69138/69269 (which is the VRM component). 2 of those sections have VRLoop1 temps. But both display different values. Which one is more important? (see screenshot)
2. Also, im noticing that the AUXTIN1 under the motherboard section is showing very hot temps up to 125C! Is that benign or an actual problem. Ive tried researching this but some say its a false report. (see screenshot)

3. Is there any way I can have a custom window that shows only my areas of interest instead of the entire list?

Thanks everyone, sorry for the questions! :)


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1. Most important CPU temperature in your case is the "CPU Package" value, that section should also contain a power value that represents the measured CPU power draw.
Mainboards usually integrate multiple Voltage Regulators, each of them controls a different voltage rail. Those are the Renesas sensors. If you compare the VR VOUT value, it should match one of the existing CPU/memory voltages, this way you can determine to which rail that VR module belongs to.

2. AUXTIN1 value is most probably an invalid readout of a not connected sensor.

3. You can hide any of the values in the sensors window or rearrange their positions.