Which sensor is which?


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I have an MSI Z390 MEG ACE motherboard. Looking in HWiNFO64, I have 4 sensors as seen below


Looking in iCUE and scrolling through the list of available sensors, I find 4 sensors all starting with the name 'Microstar International Co., Ltd. MEG Z390 ACE (MS-7B12) and then Temp #1, Temp #2, Temp #3 and Temp #4 as seen below


I assume these are the same 4 sensors I see in HWiNFO64. Question is which one corresponds to which.

What I would like is to tie the speed of my case fans to the sensor called 'System' in HWiNFO64. Thinking this is the sensor telling what the temperature inside the case is.

Anyone knows how to find out?
I can't speak for iCUE which isn't even showing correct reference names. I can only assume the values shown in HWiNFO and iCUE are in the same order. So System is #1 in iCUE.
Thanks for the prompt reply Martin!

I assumed what you say here, Temp #1 would be System in HWiNFO64, Temp #2 MOS etc. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be as simple after some testing. Where I set a certain fan speed for a certain temperature. Where I noticed how the fan speed didn't match the temperature.

I realize this is more an iCUE issue and I posted the same question over in their forum and hope I'll get some response over there soon.