Which_Drives_are_connected_to_Which_SATA_controllers ?


Hi, I am looking for some Info:
I have an:
Asus Rog Maximus X Hero Motherboard
Intel Core i7-8700k CPU
6 SATA controllers are on this motherboard.
I am wanting to know if HWiNFO64 v7.14
can detect which drives are connected to which SATA controllers?

EXAMPLE: something like this would be helpful
Drive Model: WDC WD40EZRX-00SBSDC0
connected to SATA 1

Thank You..........:)
Look in the main window under the Drives node. Each drive will show a "Host Controller" entry and if you click it, it will lead you to the respective SATA controller in bus hierarchy.
Hi Martin,
Thank you for taking the time in answering my question.
I am missing something at my end.
I followed your instructions:
1.Look in the main window under the Drives node.
2.Each drive will show a "Host Controller"
3. (In my case it is) Intel Kaby Lake - SATA AHCI Controller [A0]
4.Click it, it will lead you to the respective SATA controller in bus hierarchy.

I am not seeing drive name = SATA 0, SATA 1,SATA 2, (up to 5 in my case).
I see the same page of info for all drives attached to PC which I have attached as a screenshot.
and where I thought I might have found the information, I have pointed out

I know I could open up the PC case and look at the serial number on the hard drive, then trace the H/D lead to the motherboard, and see which SATA Plug_(number) the hard drive is connected to.

Thank you..


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This is the linkage to respective SATA controller for each of the drives, but it doesn't tell you to which exact SATA port of the particular host controller the drive is connected to.
I'm not sure if the exact port name as labelled on the mainboard can be reliably determined; vendors might not use labels that exactly match the physical port ID number.
You might look in the device instance name of the drive, or under SMBIOS DMI.
Thank you Martin for the info:
I uploaded a picture of my Motherboard with SATA ports Labeled.
For clarification of the thread of the conversation for others reading this post.
I will take it that what I was suggesting can't be done,
and I will close the ticket on this.
Thank you once again for your time.:)


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