Why are memory module maximum clock and current system memory clock different?


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Memory: Ripjaws V Series 32GB DDR4 3200MHz Dual Channel Kit (2x 16GB)
A-XMP is enabled in BIOS

Why are the two memory clock values different in the HWiNFO summary? See highlighted frequencies in HWiNFO system summary image.

I thought maybe my system was running the memory at 1066 MHz because it wasn't under any stress so I tried running Prime95, but the 1066 MHz frequency didn't change.

Is something wrong with my memory or should the two clock speeds be different?


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The first memory clock value is the capability of the memory module, but this reflects only JEDEC standardized maximum capability.
XMP extension allows 1600 in your case as per the table below. If you'd disable XMP in BIOS, the memory would run at 1066.
So everything is OK.
I have a bit of a similar problem, although in my case my RAM is supposed to be 2133 PC4-17000R and the values shown are nowhere near that.

In Hwinfo report, Memory speed indicates: 1033.3 mhz (ddr4-2066/pc4-16500).

I bought on ebay so I'm concerned I could have been scammed.

I've followed the owner manual's instructions in regards to where put the RAM (2*8gb) and am confident about the positioning.

Any input is appreciated.


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I've pursued my research. If I understand correctly, because it's dual channel I need to double the value shown (1064.2) which would approximate my 2133.

What I stoll don't understand is why it shows 2066/pc4-16500 and not 2133/pc4-17000?
Clock doubling (to show effective rate) is due to DDR, not dual channel.
This module reports quite weird, as I can see 1067 MHz reported in timings and it seems to be running also at 1067 MHz. So it should be DDR4-2133.
I'm not sure why it's then reported as 1033 MHz, I'd need to see the HWiNFO Report or even better Debug file.
Thank you for your quick reply Martin. I'm still within the return window so if there's a problem with the RAM I bought I might be able to get a refund.

Here are the reports.

Thanks for your help.


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No need to RMA anything. This seems to be a bug in the latest version of HWiNFO. I'm sorry about this misinformation and looking into fixing this ASAP.
Hello, I have a question about the RAM indicators, in some cases the indicator is fixed and the value is static, sometimes after a reboot the frequency changes, I am worried about what indicators should be Static, or not to worry about it?
the memory is overclocked, it accelerates to 4000, but I stopped at 3600
the memory is not the best and it does not have xmp
Maybe I need to change the settings in the bios or so it should be?
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On many systems, especially notebooks/APUs the memory clock is not static but can change depending on load - similar to CPUs/GPUs, etc.
On many systems, especially notebooks/APUs the memory clock is not static but can change depending on load - similar to CPUs/GPUs, etc.
thanks for the answer, I assume that the clock frequency is synchronized under the CPU, it sometimes changes, and I don't have to worry about it.