Why are memory module maximum clock and current system memory clock different?


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Memory: Ripjaws V Series 32GB DDR4 3200MHz Dual Channel Kit (2x 16GB)
A-XMP is enabled in BIOS

Why are the two memory clock values different in the HWiNFO summary? See highlighted frequencies in HWiNFO system summary image.

I thought maybe my system was running the memory at 1066 MHz because it wasn't under any stress so I tried running Prime95, but the 1066 MHz frequency didn't change.

Is something wrong with my memory or should the two clock speeds be different?


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The first memory clock value is the capability of the memory module, but this reflects only JEDEC standardized maximum capability.
XMP extension allows 1600 in your case as per the table below. If you'd disable XMP in BIOS, the memory would run at 1066.
So everything is OK.