why my E-cores are hitting 5.2Ghz?


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Someone explain why my E-cores are hitting 5.2Ghz as well?! is it a bug on hwinfo or? Temperatures are kind of juicy as well. The voltages look kind of normal as i manually overclocked to 5.2ghz all P-cores.
If I'm actually hitting 5.2 on E-cores, how am I not crashing under load in a game. I believe only happens when I'm playing.


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That's quite weird, are you perhaps running some other monitoring tool along with HWiNFO?
How does the Effective Clock behave?
Here's the picture of effective clocks. They all identically Fluctuating between 1.58 and 8.3Ghz. When I reboot the system numbers looks all fine. But when I load a game, they all just lock at 5.2Ghz even after closing the game.


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That's totally off, those clocks go up to 13 GHz. Something in the system seems to be affecting the monitoring. Is this caused by just one game, or something else perhaps too?
Okay thanks. I figured something out. It's Razer Cortex. I restarted the HWinfo and fully closed Razer cortex. This time opening the game didn't effect the E-cores. After opening razer Cortex and enable boosting it than broke HWinfo again. Don't know why Razer Cortex has anything to do with that but I'm uninstalling it anyways. Not useful on a high-end system. Thank you!
Thanks, this is an interesting observation. I don't know what Razer Cortex exactly does, but I assume it also somehow affects scheduling on Hybrid CPUs, perhaps rescheduling threads from Effective to Performance cores, which causes confusion in HWiNFO.
I just Googled Razer Cortex. That is most definitely NOT something that I would install unless I knew a lot more about what is actually does. It looks like a cross between CCCleaner and Asus AI Suite. Scary!