Window Size is too large


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Hi All,
I have an issue with the HWInfo64 System Summary window size. I did some googling and found that most people had issues with HDPI monitors. I have the opposite problem! I have a large number of hard drives which make the window very tall. So I cant see the bottom portion. I tried selecting the side border and other tricks to move the Window up so the top half is hidden and the bottom half is shown, Is there any trick to displaying this Window?
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Oh, that's a huge number of drives!! :D
I see, I will add a limit to number of drives shown so that items above the limit will be behind a scroll bar.
Just an FYI: These drives are all in an external box (no motherboard or smarts) that has a SAS expander card which connects directly to each drive. The main PC that HWinfo64 is running on has a PCIe LSI SAS controller card that connects to the external box via a serial cable (6Gbps max). What's nice about HWinfo64 is that it is the only SW I can find that can even see the drives. Crystal Disk Info and other popular tools cannot talk to the Adaptec Driver. The Adaptec SW is designed for Server IT admin types, not your average home user like me! So it's nice that HWInfo64 can see the drives and especially report temps, I am currently using fan controllers w/ temp probes to try and keep the noise level down. I dont really trust the temp probes so having the temps reported back by HWinfo64 is great! Now if I could just figure out how to get the fan controller to use temp data from HWinfo64! That wont happen with the current fan controller but sounds like a cool project for a rasberry PI (or similar)!