Windows 7 3700x HWInfo locking up after 30-60 secs


When using the 3700x and HWinfo (version 6.2) with windows 7 i get freezes after 30-60 seconds. I have tried looking to see if there are updates (ms updates) to fix this but i cant find anything. I know that when i had my 2600 HWInfo worked fine so i dont know if it is an issue with ryzen 3000. Any help would be greatly apreciated.


This seems to be a BIOS issue, it's crashing when HWiNFO queries sensor data from the BIOS.
Try to upgrade the BIOS to latest version.
Thanks for the quick reply. I have just updated the bios and same thing still happens. also i have just triend the AsusWMI=0 command in the ini which still doesnt work. I have tried this from windows 10 and hwinfo works fine from there so is there anything else that you think could be up ?
Try to disable the "EC Support" option if that will perhaps help. Also in case you're running some other monitoring tools, try to close them.
"EC Support" and hence reading data from the Embedded Controller doesn't usually cause issues. So there must be some problem on your system, could be another application.