Windows Hardware Errors

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I really like this program. Would like to ask about WHEA feature. Mine shows 0 Total Errors, does that mean that everything is ok with my hardware(Motherboard Ram Cpu GPU)? I'm asking this because from time to time i get BSoD.
WHEA cannot monitor all possible problems in the machines, just some hardware issues that support WHEA reporting. So seeing 0 errors there doesn't implicate that everything is OK, but getting a non-zero number there means there's a serious problem.
Your BSODs can be driver related, or caused by other system instability issues.
Kristijan 221

If the circuit control devices do not output status registers in its error codes, then programmatically detect the presence of hidden hardware errors without running the specific diagnostic package is not possible until the visible signs of equipment failure.

As no special equipment is not possible to determine the presence of errors or failure of nodes do not have the internal control schemes to their complete failure.

And it's too much :) - you rely on software tools that depend on the availability of monitoring schemes in simple or deliberately Outlet schemes do not put there because they are not needed.

Why would I want to sinc JK-flip-flop (see attachment diagram) put the control scheme? They either work according to its truth table or not. Just remove it and it's immediately obvious when compared with the standard. A "spare" is not the transistors in the design of chips as their number is limited on its chip. I like the circuit developer can not use all of them, but to add even if I really need at least one transistor in excess of the maximum limit of transistors on a chip will not let me or his area, or limit its manufacturing process technology, as well as the heat removal capabilities.

So you have to look for the best balance between the desire to diagnose any errors, cost of the final product, its heat, functionality and process technology manufacturer because the product is always designed taking into account the capacity of the plant, after which it will be made commercially. And yet take into account the interests of the chain of resellers between the plant and the customer.


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