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I never know thins until the other day that HWiNFO shows wrong speed of my 6950X. In turbo boost 2 shows 3.33MHz and TB3 shows 3.6-3.7MHz and I know thins only because I was looking into aquacomputer aquasuite settings and know this speed discrepancy. Upon some trouble shooting I also know this that this is happening only with Hyper-V enabled, once disabled HWiNFO shows the speed correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
This is because Hyper-V blocks access to several hardware registers (or emulates them) so tools like HWiNFO are unable to retrieve the required information.
Thank you for your response and it make sense. Although, makes me wonder why other software e.g. Aida, aquasuite, open hardware monitor can read it correctly
That's hard to say without knowing further details, especially the HWiNFO Debug File.
Hi Martin,

Is there something I can or should submit to help and determine the depth of this issue, or it’s something that cannot be fix. I have to admit, I have tried for few days to adopt to new (even payware) monitoring software and nothing sits with me right, HWiNFO grew on me so much that even if it was shareware I would pay to use it.

Thank you
Hi Martin,

Is there something I can or should submit to help and determine the depth of this issue...
Yes you can and Martin already said it!
That's hard to say without knowing further details, especially the HWiNFO Debug File.

You must submit a Debug File that would contain the issue/false speed.
I should have paid more attention. Also, where do I submit the necessary files.
Here is the debug file, hopefully you can make something out of that.

Turbo boost 2 should show 3.5MHz and Turbo Boost 3 on one core which in my case core #8 should be 4MHz
If anything else is needed, please let me know
Thank you


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First I suppose with MHz you meant GHz.
Turbo Boost might not always achieve the advertised clocks, there are several factors affecting the values reached (various operating limits and type of load).
You might also better watch the Effective Clock values as sometimes the clocks might boost for a very short time which can't be caught in the immediate clock values.
;)yes GHz
As I will agree, you might not always get advertised TB speeds, but this is not the case, I always get 3.5 and 4 GHz respectively. If I disable Hyper-V it always shows correct values in HWiNFO or if I use different monitoring tool, again, even with Hyper-V and Sandbox enabled, It shows always correct speeds.

This is after disabling Hyper-V and when enables, speeds are not consistent at all, always showing different speeds


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Oh well, Hyper-V.. Virtualization has a huge impact on the system and applications running under it. It can emulate or block any hardware component/feature. There are many threads here describing various issues with Hyper-V. Moreover your CPUs is only lightly loaded, there can't be any expectations to reach maximum clocks in such regime.
This isn't deal breaker whether I use HWiNFO or not, more of a bug report and inquiry whether this is something can be fix, perhaps, work around Hyper-V and its side effect that plays on inconsistent readings, but that's OK.
I never overclock, my system runs at full speeds for a long periods of times e.g. days and even weeks either decrypting or other computations and that itself takes heck of a stress on hardware.
So! I assume that the debug file didn't show much of an info on the issue.

OK... thank you
When virtualization is activated it's not possible to break out of the virtual machine for any application nor OS below. It completely depends on the Hypervisor what it allows the guest OS/apps to do, it might completely block or emulate access to real hardware.
I think I have misled you to the issue, it was my incorrect explanation. When I said Hyper-V enabled, I meant enabled as virtualization in Bios and in OS itself (turn windows feature on and off) but the reading of sensors is done outside Hyper-V, Its actually on host OS, that's why I mentioned earlier that other apps e.g. aquasuite, aida can read the values correctly.
Does that make any difference :)
When virtualization and Hyper-V is enabled it might automatically virtualize some resources. Check in the main HWiNFO window (if you're using Sensors-only mode then you need to disable this option for the main window to show up) whether it displays a warning about Hyper-V.
Yes I get msg. Virtual Machine Warning: Microsoft Hyper-V is active. Some results might not reflect real hardware !

Thank you