Wrong CPU Temps


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With my new CPU (9900KS), I get wrong values for every temp in the DTS section. So every core is showing wrong temps..
I compared the values to other tools (Coretemp, AIDA64) to verify that

As you can see in the screenshot, AIDA64 is showing the right values.
Have you perhaps adjusted the Tj,max value in HWiNFO?
Right click on the Core value and select "Adjust Tj,max" to see the value currently used.
You can compare this value with the default Tj,max value set in CPU by checking in the main window under the CPU node. If you're running in Sensors-only mode, you will need to deactivate it in order for the main window to show up.
Ah. Adjusting Tjmax to the right value solved this issue. Many thanks!
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