wrong data z390 taichi 4.0


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the longer the hwinfo application is running, the more false values appear.
z390 taichi bios 4.0.
I tried to change different versions of the program but the situation is not improving.
Changed the driver SATA AHCI Controller, too, no sense. Is it possible that the problem after updating bios to version 4.0?
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Yes, I use MSI afterburner and rivatuner. But before everything was fine. What else could be the reason do not tell me?
This is difficult to say for sure, but the most common case of such invalid readouts would be a conflict between multiple monitoring applications. However, MSI AB or RTSS should not be causing such issues.
Can you try some other monitoring tool like HWMonitor if it also reports such invalid min/max values?
set hwmonitor really the same problems just worse.  :huh:
I even saw in bios the value of the cooler 8808 for a split second apparently in the maternal plan or the new bios?


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