Wrong Sensor description


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Hi there, so I have the following problem:

I don't know if this happens from HWiNFO or if the aquaero misreports the sensors name.
And the strange thing is: in HWiNFO only the name is wrong but the data is correct, but if I want to use the plugin to display data via MSI Afterburner/RivaTuner then the data from virtual Temp3 (displayed as virt Temp4) is the same as from the real virtual Temp4.

Hope that I did create the report and debug file correctly.

I did reinstall HWiNFO (also deleting the settings via registry), reinstalled MSI AB and also the aquasuite.
But with no other programm installed (no MSI AB and no aquasuite), HWiNFO still displays it wrong...


  • HWiNFO_report.HTM
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  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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Unfortunately I cannot see the attached screenshot, because it's on another forum that requires login.
Can you please re-upload it?
hope the edit helps :)
I can change the name, but not the original one. So MSI AB mistakes still the third one for the forth one....
Thanks. I have just released v5.89-3525 Beta, please try if it fixes this issue.