Wrong value shown for 5V ?


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Me and my friend were confused about this,

Occasionally my PC will crash when its highly stressed, so we assumed it might have been a problem with the power supply. When I checked with the monitor the value shown for 5V seemed to be stuck at 3.216, while in the BIOS it showed it was perfectly fine. I left it open for a while and it seems to just stay at 3.216 while the others change regularly. I'm on the latest version, so I was wondering if it was an actual problem with my power supply or a false reading.


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Sorry but this is a bug in HWiNFO in reporting of +5V on this mainboard model. It will be fixed in the next build. Based on the screenshot your +5V should be OK (~4.992V).
On this m/b circuit possible control input VIN1 - VIN9 not used - measurement value is not real...

Try check PSU DC Ucc value use hardware multimeter have DC measurement error <= +/-0,5% for loaded output:

+3.3V = 3,15V - 3,45V,
+5V and +5VSB = 4,75V - 5,25V
+12V (-12V) = 10,8V - 13,2V
3,3V battery (CR2032, Li-Ion, 3,4V / 60 mAh, Rl = 3,7k -15k. Il = nom 0,4 mA, max 1,5 mA) = 2,9V - 3,45V if letter then 2,8V then replace it.

if greeter or letter then replace this PSI - her can't support your hardware load power or failure.
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