Wrong Vcore readings


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Hello, I wanted to report a incorrect Vcore reading on Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 5. It appears that if Vcore is lower than VID it reports VID. If Vcore is higher it reports Vcore.
Some additional informations. Versions up to 5.52 report Vcore correctly (or at least same as other programs). Problem seem to exist on every version after 5.52 (checked all "full" versions and some beta releases). Technically Core voltage is set to static, but power saving options in BIOS are enabled (which results in lower Vcore readings than VID).


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This is intentional behavior.
The Vcore measured on CPUs with FIVR is not accurate in low power states, so if Vcore < 0.5V, VID is reported instead.
The same technique is used by many board vendors.
Ok. Understood. I guess I was just used to it changing values rather than sitting at VID.
Not sure if it has any meaning, but you wrote that if Vcore < 0,5. Here it's if Vcore < VID, and VID = 1.194 V.
HWiNFO doesn't apply Vcore < VID, so it cannot be that case. Maybe it appears to you so because you don't see the measured Vcore in such case. AFAIK many other tools report VID all the time and completely ignore Vcore measured.
Sorry for dragging this, but just to be sure after the second reply. Something was changed in Vcore reported by hwinfo64 after release 5.52 and it was intentional??? Therefore "it's not a bug, but a feature" :). If so than sorry for wasting your time.

And yes some other tools report VID not Vcore, but there are some that report Vcore (and incidentally the values reported by hwinfo64 up till 5.52 were similar if not almost the same).
Yes, that change was intentional and also requested by some mainboard vendors.