x299 newer v7 versions

Not sure when it started I've been using v6.08 so long I really didn't like the additional changes to core listings... after this version so I stayed with it

But I tried some newer versions the other day and at least v7.0 and newer 7.36 after a short time +-10-40 minutes starts misreading core frequencies and bus quite a bit 10GHz + on win-11 pro
Win-10 is actually a little worse I saw 20GHz same system lol

Where as 6.08 shows normal after no time limits really but screen shot is after 3 hrs and newer version at only 40 minutes it started acting up
It likely started sooner since I wasn't watching it I don't know when

Just now I started up v7.0 again and did a bug file when readings were looking normal and the bug file worked and showed 8mb+-

I waited for the frequencies to act up then started bug reports looks like it created one after I closed hwinfo this time.
Not sure how to upload these though only images and links guess onedrive
Removed useless to issue.

I.m not using any other monitoring software and no oc
z299 apex/ 9940x/ 3600c16 4x8gb custom water loop.

But as said no issues with older 6.08-3830
Only other deal is I use the portable versions.
Right click zip folder/ properties and use the unblock block/ save.
Extract all and shortcut to desktop 64bit version.

6.08 hwinfo-x299.PNG

Win-10-shows 20ghz lol.PNG
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Might add I couldn't see others screen shots of the issue before but I have virtualization disabled in bios so I can't see how 11 or 10 is using it.
Also so not happen in v6.08 either so there is some thing hwinfo is doing a lot differently in newest versions bottom line.
Doubt anything will come of this so I'll just stick with the older v6.08 version that doesn't do what ever the newer version do.
Thanks anyway you could of saved me signing and making a new thread by not blurring images fyi these shouldn't be secretes lol although showing 10-20GHz is pretty funny lol
Can you get with cpu-z and so we might can get on the world record list :cool:
Please attach a HWiNFO Debug File of both v6.08 and 7.42 so I can check the details to see what's going on here.
I suppose the Effective Clock shows correct in v7.42 ?
They all start out showing correct info although I usually hide around 300+ reading but for the sake of testing this issue I've reset preferences and only disable Safety/ periodic polling you suggested a couple years ago on OCN.
Not sure what v7.42 would do differently but will go ahead and do that one instead of v7 or v7.36 which react the same with crazy core/ bus frequencies as shown
Running v6 now I'll let it run for 30 minutes same for v7.42 and repost at around noon central time.
Well looks like VM features were not disabled in bios like I thought after using cmd/ systeminfo it showed enabled o_O
But no VM features where checked in the os, turn features on or off

So far v7.42 is acting right if you notice on the prior comparison of v6.08 and v7. above v6.08 wasn't reading right either core max was only going up to 3.8 not 9940x default turbo of 4.5-+ lol I haven't verified if 6.08 is reading correctly yet still letting 7.42 run a while longer I'm at about 33 minutes nothing weird going on :cool:

If it acts up I'll include a bug file

Just close HWiNFO once it starts to show the wrong data and grab the DBG file. That will have the situation recorded.
Hmm, unfortunately the attached Debug File doesn't seem to capture the situation. You need to have Debug Mode enabled from start of HWiNFO and terminate it once the problem happens.
Tough cookie it won't mess up when bug mode is on waited three hours and bailed and went to delete the bug file and it wasn't even created this is not april fools joke lol

Best I can do is a short normal and after which took about a hour before it screw up readings :/ if that's not good enough I'll stick with the older 6.08 version those 3.8 frequencies were actually set in bios to save a little heat in the summer my bad 6.08 works as it should.
I did refresh my bios yesterday before doing these runs this morning.