X470F motherboard vrm temp?


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I just wonder if there is a vrm temp sensor reading missing on HWInfo64 for my X470F motherboard or is my X470F motherboard doesn't have vrm temp sensor reading back?
Capture 2.JPG
This mainboard doesn't seem to be capable of monitoring VRM temperature. Does the BIOS report it perhaps?
GPU VRM Temperature 2 belongs to the 2nd VRM loop (which can't be seen on the screenshot). This is most likely the VRM for GPU AUX or VRAM rails.
Look like as HWinfo issue
I have a same problem with Asus WMI information in original settings after download (portable edition)
Solution was simple
So check this settings, if it help you.
The red cross means the sensor monitoring is disabled. Even simpler is to hit the Ins key over the sensor heading ;)