X570 Taichi VRM temp sensor


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I'm hoping someone has an answer, I want to monitor my boards VRM temp but there isn't a VRM MOS reading, I've tried running Cinebench and seeing which reading is likely the VRM but no reading seem to match what I would expect from a temp for VRM under load.

the VR loop 1 shows the current that looks correct on the VRout measurement but the Loop 1 temp reading barely moves. The board has a good VRM and I have good airflow so perhaps the temp just isn't moving much?

I'm using the 6.09beta.

Any help appreciated. Thanks
AFAIK the ASRock X570 Taichi doesn't feature a dedicated VRM sensor placed on the board.
If HWiNFO reports a dedicated VRM sensor then the VR LoopX value should represent the VRM temperature read straight by the VRM.