XFX RX5700XT DD show 0 degree for VRM temperature


Im using XFX RX5700XT Double Dissipation. I want to monitor the VRM temperature. It just show 0 degree for the GPU VR VDDIO and VDDCI temp. may i know if this card support VRM monitoring.


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I would have to see the Debug File to know more but most likely that GPU can't monitor those values or it's an issue in GPU driver.
one last question. is high vrm temp will reflect on the high vram temp? my concern is i just change my thermal pad for the vrm for 2mm and i just realise that the thermal pad may not touching the vrm by just a tiny bit. because the stock thermal pad got vrm mark and the new one got no mark that shown that it touch the vrm. but then my Vram still in good temp.
It might somehow increase other temperatures but it depends on the cooling solution design and how well such a hot spot would transfer temperature to other components. Anyway, it's not a good indicator as there might be several other factors affecting it.
be careful though, thicker pads may cause bad contact between the cooler and the GPU die ;)
thats why i need to know the vrm temp haha but then my gpu does not support that. because right now, the temp when stress test is 68C for global and memory temp, 70 for junction temp. to me all is good but im worried about the contact of the thermal pad to the vrm haha. and i also hope not to change the thickness of the vrm thermal pad because it may cause higher temp for the other causes by the less contact for the memory and gpu die due to a bit thicker vrm pad
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