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Sorry if its been asked already I have searched.
Anyways I have a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master and of course overclocked and wanted to know what sensors I should be keeping a eye on like CPU voltage. I read somewhere that for correct readings its the (IRF IR35201) VRVout for the correct CPU voltage I just don't know for sure, like there is 2 Vcore's?
Also if someone could explain some of the others I should be keeping a eye at please
Thanks for getting back to me. I have been using HWInfo for years and think your app is great I use to use on my Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R i7 for some time and just made this pc as well my other was almost 10 years old.
HWInfo use to work with my NZXT Kraken x62 cooler yet since there CAM was updated, if CAM is running the sensor is blocked. Thanks NZXT.

This is My bios set up for my Overclocked I7 9700k Gigabyte Z390 Master its for 4.9ghz with a turbo and power features.

All settings are optimized defaults unless I have listed below.

Enhanced Multi Core Performance(EMCP) = Disable
CPU Core Ratio 49
Ring Ratio = 46
AVX Offset = 0
Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) = Profile 1
CPU VCore = Normal
Dynamic VCore (DVID) = -0.035v
Advance CPU Settings-->
VT-d = Disable as I don't use windows VirtualBox.
Intel(R) Speed Shift Technology = Enable
Ring To Core Offset (Down Bin) = Disable
CPU EIST Function = Enable
Energy Effective Turbo = Enable
Voltage Optimization = Disable
Intel(R) Turbo Boost Technology = Enable

Active Turbo Ratios = Enable
Turbo Ratio (1 Core Active) = 51
Turbo Ratio (2 Core Active) = 51
Turbo Ratio (3 Core Active) = 50
Turbo Ratio (4 Core Active) = 50
Turbo Ratio (5 Core Active) = 50
Turbo Ratio (6 Core Active) = 49
Turbo Ratio (7 Core Active) =49
Turbo Ratio (8 Core Active) =49

C-State Control = Enable
CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E) = Enable
C3 State Support = Enable
C6/C7 State Support = Enable
C8 State Support = Enable

Advance Voltage Settings -->
CPU/VRM Settings-->
CPU VCore Loadline Calibration = High Changed to Normal

IO Ports--->
Initial Display Output = PCIe 1 Slot
Integrated Graphics = Disable
Aperture Size = 128
Above 4G Decoding = Enable, I think its used for display cards with more than 4gb ram?
Miscellaneous -->
Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT) = Enable
Software Guard Extensions (SGX) = Enable

I have Linked a HWInfo log from my PC. Its From a 1 hr+ run.
I run 10 min of prime95 then just game usage.

If you get 5 min and get a chance to have a peak to see if everything looks correct I would appreciate it.


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I think that you'll get a better advice on this in some other forum like overclock.net
Well Bios setting wise I know I'm fine its more temps, voltages and settings via HWInfo I need to watch like VROut being the main CPU voltage.