Z490 Various Board Die Sense Readings


I am an owner of a Z490 unify and i was wondering if die sense implementation on hwinfo is possible. There is also other boards that have the same controller and lack the die sense readings on hwinfo such as the z490i unify, z490 meg ace and z490 godlike. This board uses the Intersil 69269, the same VR as on the Gigabyte Aorus Master/Xtreme. Without this reading users of these boards have no way to get an accurate die voltage measurement.

Therefore, the board supports VR VOUT and monitoring like the Gigabyte board that you added along with some other z490 boards that i listed.
Yeah I mentioned this.
the IR 69269 definitely supports VR VOUT
@Martin any way you can look into this?

Perhaps the same method you used for the Z490 Aorus Master/Xtreme/Ultra can work for this :)