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Support of RTSS - Displaying HWiNFO32 sensor values in Games
Then it looks like an RTSS/AB problem?
So done two videos to show the problem. Firstly i recorded with NVIDIA shadowplay with Desktop mode, 2 minutes video. From 0 to 41 seconds i keep RTSS refresh at 100ms and you can notice 2 blink at 13 and 23 seconds respectively. From 41 to 01:40 minutes i keep RTSS at 0ms and there blinks intensifies to like at least one blink every 5 seconds or less. After 01:40 minute i change RTSS to 500ms and until the end of video you can notice than blink disappear.

I done a second video game recording with Afteburner and keep RTSS at 500ms, you can see than blink is very frequently which differs from NVIDIA recording with RTSS 500ms where blink was more rarely.

Shadowplay Desktop recording + RTSS at different refresh values:

Afterburner game recording +RTSS at 500ms:

Without recording blinks can happen but very rarely, sometimes take minutes to just one occur. Is difficult(time consuming) to monitor blink for high refresh period values.
Hey Martin, just to update. I reinstalled old version of HWinfo 3185 and blink stopped. Looks like some glitch with latest version.
Are you using any new features of the RTSS like graphs or custom OSD item colors ?
I keep AB 4.4.0 and RTSS Beta 26 at all default settings, classic colors and no graphs. HWinfo 3190 same classic mode, no colors nor graphs and still blink. I tried various settings and nothing worked out.

Hwinfo 3185 works fine with any settings from AB and RTSS.

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