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    SysInfo with HWiNFO

    Hey, here my adaption of SysInfo by abndvr64 ( for HWiNFO. All the hard work was done by him, just changed it so i can use it with HWiNFO instead of SpeedFan and wrote the GPU Meter to see GPU Utilization on my Rainmeter...
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    [Solved] HD 7990 GPU #1 no Temp/Fan Info

    RE: HD 7990 GPU #1 no Temp/Fan Info lol Now i feel really stupid, should have been the first thing to try :D Makes total sense and i'm quite happy it deactivates the second GPU core while idle! Was adapting a Rainmeter Skin from Speedfan to HWiNFO and that's the last bit of information...
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    [Solved] HD 7990 GPU #1 no Temp/Fan Info

    Hey Martin, thanks for a great tool! I'm not sure if this is a bug or just not possible, but i only get Info from HWiNFO64 for GPU #0 on the Thermal Diode, GPU Fan and GPU Clock and GPU Memory Clock no such Info on GPU #1. [attachment=1204] I know that SpeedFan can read the GPU #1...