[Solved] HD 7990 GPU #1 no Temp/Fan Info


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Hey Martin,

thanks for a great tool!

I'm not sure if this is a bug or just not possible, but i only get Info from HWiNFO64 for GPU #0 on the Thermal Diode, GPU Fan and GPU Clock and GPU Memory Clock no such Info on GPU #1.
I know that SpeedFan can read the GPU #1 Thermal Diode and Fan Speed.
So my Question is, is it not possible for HWiNFO to read those values? Or am i missing a Setting?

keep up the good work!



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RE: HD 7990 GPU #1 no Temp/Fan Info

I believe this is due to the Catalyst ULPS feature, which turns the secondary GPU off when it's not utilized.
You will need to either disable ULPS (using tools like MSI Afterburner, or via registry), or launch some GPU intensive task that will trigger the 2nd GPU. Once you do that, the 2nd GPU information should appear in HWiNFO.
This is a normal and intended behavior.
RE: HD 7990 GPU #1 no Temp/Fan Info


Now i feel really stupid, should have been the first thing to try :D
Makes total sense and i'm quite happy it deactivates the second GPU core while idle!

Was adapting a Rainmeter Skin from Speedfan to HWiNFO and that's the last bit of information missing to make it complete!

Thx for the fast reply!