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    Impossible to export HWInfo datas in OSD of MSI afterburner

    Hi, I have just installed HWINfo64 v7. I launched MSI afterburner in which I had exported 3 values from your soft with formers beta versions : CPU CCD1 Tdie, GPU junction temp and Chipset Temp. That doesn't work anymore. Is it normal ?
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    New 5600x temperature question

    I own also a 5900X and was wondering also which temp to rely on in HWInfo for the CPU. I read a lot of topics (also in HWinfo of course), and I still don't know which one we should consider as closest to Ryzen master's one : CPU Die (Average) or CPU CCD1 (Tdie) ? (Both temps are the closest...
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    DTS/Enhanced - Skylake-X

    Hi Martin, it should be great to know which Package is the real one. Because in case of the real one is the lowest value (DTS one), then, overclockers as me will have more room for overclock. Package temp is a paramater we check, at the same level of core temps. I can't believe INTEL is unable...
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    HWINFO v5.70 shwoing 2 CPU packages values

    Hi, please, see screenshot : Which one do we have to consider ? There is 5°C difference between both. Usually, there was only the second one (Which is at 39°C current value) Now, there is this new value (Which is at 35°C). See my rig in signature Thank you for help.
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    Memory Channel 2 Rank Max

    Hi, I am currently running Realbench on my system. In HWInfo, a value has appeared during the test (After roughly 2 hours test) : Memory Channel 2 Rank Max Current => 0°C Minimum => 0°C Maximum => 3°C Average => 0°C. My room temperature is 21°C. What is this data "Memory Channel 2 Rank Max" ...
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    CPU Package min = 0°C.... ?

    "Still not related to OC" => I like to read this :) Honestly, I thought also it was not due to an instability of my overclock, but I wanted to get your final statement. I AM 4.7GHz STABLE ! :)
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    CPU Package min = 0°C.... ?

    Thanks. After all my efforts during the last week-end to stabilize this overclock, I am happy to learn that this overclock is "RealBench" stable and that this "CPU Package minimum = 0°C" is linked only to a HWInfo bug and not to an overclock instability !   :)
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    CPU Package min = 0°C.... ?

    OK, thanks. So, this overclock is "RealBench" stable and is not the root cause of this "CPU Package minimum = 0°C" ?
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    CPU Package min = 0°C.... ?

    Hi, I made a RealBench session on my computer. See screenshot : As you can see in HWInfo (Circled in red), CPU Package min = 0°C, which is of course not possible (Ambient = 22°C). The CPU Package minimum value changed from something like 30°C or 31°C (I don't remember) to "0°C" during...
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    Average core temperatures

    Hello, I was wondering about Average core temperatures in HWINFO. I have made 2 tests Realbench 8 hours separarated by 3 months. One was done at 26°C ambient temperature One was done at 23°C ambient temperature. In between, I have done only 2 things : 1/ reaseated my CPu with a lot...
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    Memory rank Max

    In fact, I have 5°C less on PP0 than CPU Package for the "Current value". But for the "Maximum value" after a stress test, both "Maximum" values are the same
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    Memory rank Max

    What is PP0 value below CPU package température ? Seems to be same températures as CPU package....
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    Memory rank Max

    What is Strange is That this value only appears during realbench stress test . I did not see It appearing yet With OCCT or aida64 Stress test.
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    Memory rank Max

    So the value is not valid..... So why did It appear ? :)