Reported voltages values : Asus X670E-E strix gaming wifi


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I own a Asus strix gaming wifi X670E-E and Ryzen 7950X.

To what I learned, this motherboard has a socket sense and not a die sense.

When I set for example a soc voltage of 1,2V in bios, the reported value in bios is 1,23V (+30mV versus entered manual value).

In hwinfo, I can see both values :
=> 1,2V at soc voltage in the first section of motherboard voltage and current values.
=> 1,23V at the other soc value In the second section of motherboard voltage and current values.

Sorry, I am not in front of my PC, so I hope you understand what I mean.

My question is : what is the real value ?
1,2V or 1,23V ?

Asus told me that the difference between both values is normal due to the fact that the motherboard has only a socket sense and not a die sense, but they didn’t told me which one us the right value.

I have the same differences between manual values and reported values in bios for all voltages roughly (VDDIO / MC voltage, CPU core voltage, etc….).

I thought it was a motherboard issue, but apparently not.

I just would like to understand.

Thank you in advance.
The SoC voltage under the mainboard sensor (ASUS ...) is sensed on the mainboard while the one under the CPU sensor is sensed internally by the CPU.
So I believe the one under the CPU sensor should be more accurate.
‘Asus confirms that there is no die sense on this motherboard but only a socket sense.

So, probably a stupid question, but how can you report « AMD Ryzen 9 7950X enhanced » temperatures and voltages then ?

The section « Asus Rog strix X670E-E…. » in your monitoring is done via socket sense.

As You can see, temperatures are wrong in this section (Only 30 degrees).do you know why ? (A stress test was running during this screenshot).


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The CPU has its own (Accurate) telemetry which is not accessible to mainboard's sensors.
And for the temperatures which are not correct in « Asus strix… » section ?

Could you solve this ?