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    AC/DC Loadline and VRM monitoring support for Z490 boards

    Access to ISL69269 on GIGABYTE boards should be fixed in Beta v6.27-4180.
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    HWiNFO v6.27-4180 Beta released

    HWiNFO v6.27-4180 Beta available. Changes: Fixed and improved monitoring of VR VCC sensor on Intel SVID VR systems. Added per-rail voltage and power monitoring on NVIDIA GPUs. Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS ROG STRIX B460 series. Fixed a possible crash on some systems with down-cored CPUs...
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    "Sensors Only" Mode Not Starting after overclock even though system is stable

    This shall be fixed in the next (Beta) build of HWiNFO.
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    x570 ASRock unrealistic data

    That could explain it - the BIOS must be reading the sensors in such case and causes a conflict with other monitoring tools. Hopefully disabling this feature solves this issue permanently.
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    HWiNFO v6.27-4170 Beta released

    VR VOUT on Z490 series is currently being worked on. Your board doesn't feature a dedicated RAM temperature sensor and I doubt the BIOS is showing it either. So RAM temperature is available only for modules that feature a temperature sensor (TSOD).
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    Max Memory Clock is Much Higher than Current Memory Clock... How can I reach my Max Memory Clock??

    Maximum Memory Clock shown by HWiNFO is the capability of the Memory Controller. The real supported clock can depend on other factors like system design, BIOS.
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    Memory Clock Incorrect?

    HWiNFO displays the real memory (command) clock. DDR memories often report x2 the clock to denote Double Data Rate.
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    Delete HWiNFO64A.SYS and HWiNFO64A_150.SYS from Temp directory

    There must be some program running that's using the HWiNFO drivers. If you're sure HWiNFO is not running, check what other applications are running on your machine.
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    x570 ASRock unrealistic data

    I'm not sure. This would be usually a case when some other monitoring application is causing a conflict accessing the sensor. But if you're sure there's nothing else running... A bad sensor would be quite unlikely, but I have no other ideas what could be causing this.
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    Hard to say, but VRM is unlikely.
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    x570 ASRock unrealistic data

    Can you please verify with some other tool if it shows such erratic values too? For example CPUID HWMonitor or something else that shows min/max values as that's the best way to catch such out of range values.
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    AC/DC Loadline and VRM monitoring support for Z490 boards

    Ah, that's in binary form only. I'm afraid that won't help much.
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    AC/DC Loadline and VRM monitoring support for Z490 boards

    Thanks! I'm going to have a look at that.
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    AC/DC Loadline and VRM monitoring support for Z490 boards

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm interested in any details. I'm working on this with GIGABYTE and yes, it should be accessible and registers still follow the PMBus specification. But apparently it uses a different protocol, but I'm not sure yet how different it is.
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    LSI MegaRAID integration.

    So is everything showing up properly now, all drives and temperatures ?