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    I think that in many home networks it makes sense to increase the number of monitored devices to 10. now many devices are initially designed with the function of remote health monitoring, and the number of machines on a LAN can reach 6 - 7 if families are large. Personally, I have four working...
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    HWiNFO v6.43-4370 Beta released

    Yes, the Persistent Driver option is enabled. Habit. :) Okay, if I clean something with my hands, it's not difficult.
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    HWiNFO v6.43-4370 Beta released

    Then update up to v6.43.4370 in to OS I find old HWinFO64 drivers have display name: HWiNFO Kernel Driver (v150) HWiNFO Kernel Driver (v151) HWiNFO Kernel Driver (v152) HWiNFO Kernel Driver (v153) HWiNFO Kernel Driver (v154) HWiNFO Kernel Driver (v156) and in to %WINDIR%\System32\driver unused...
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    Strategy MMORPG

    You were not mistaken for an hour? Here they are somehow engaged in hardware, not advertising.:)
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    Needed fix some URL typo - old URL is changes

    Ok! And while I'm "having fun" with the restoration of the operating system and mathematics - all programs are trying to be installed as long as possible .. Someone for a couple of hours, and who even longer fiddles, well, do not allow others to mess around. The devils conspired. :)
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    Needed fix some URL typo - old URL is changes

    Needed fix Realtek URL then is changes to (for English page is . Typo found also in latest public beta 6.31-4255 if I try find Realtek HDA drivers for chip ALC892 then driver v2.75 can't support this chip - which makes...
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    Beta 631_4255 crashes while detecting graphic card

    Try also disabling (in BIOS settings) the IGP built into the CPU - this will reduce the likelihood of conflicts for interrupts and driver errors, as well as reduce the power dissipated by the CPU by a few watts, which will simplify its cooling. For example, the i7-2600 IGP built into the CPU...
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    Constant "High" CPU core MHz reading - Important?

    Remove the math from the motherboard kit, leave only the drivers. Vendor math is good only when the problem cannot be solved by other means, and in other cases it is not worth setting: less garbage in memory means more reliable OS operation. As for the BIOS flashing - have you seen a "brick"...
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    Afterburner not able to display DIMM temperature even after it shows in HWINFO Sensor window.

    kelstewart Do your DIMM have thermal sensor? Also not all servers REG ECC DIMM (RDIMM) have it. Example server's REG ECC DIMM Samsung M393B5170GB0-CK0 (read specification's and THAIPHOON BURNER Super Blaster report) is have it and HWiNFO64 show DIMM temperature, but desktop DIMM's Kingston...
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    HWiNFO v6.29-4235 Beta released

    For me, a white background is more convenient - black and red text is immediately visible when you work with devices or read records of control schemes. Usually there is no time to peer at the text and read numbers with dozens of signs on the scale, you just read the readings "on the fly" and at...
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    HWiNFO v6.29-4235 Beta released

    Martin Big thanks! The new version easily coped with the Chinese iron - last week (the 13th is an unlucky number :) the QIYIDA X79 P3 v1.0 board arrived with traditional flaws - a simplified connection of the monitoring chip (probably a simple resistor was soldered instead of a thermistor :)...
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    HWiNFO v6.29-4230 Beta released

    Big thanks! I wait then MemTest86 ended for build new mashing and use HWiNFO for it. But QIYDA X79 P3 green X79 (chipset C602J - PCH is BD82C602J).Mainboard ver 1.0, have problem - BIOS show CPU temperature as +7 - +8 C only :) then I use Xeon E5-2667 @ 2,9 GHz and 4 x 4 Gb REG ECC DDR3-1600 @...
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    HWiNFO v6.27-4185 Beta released

    truongan012 Please, update to latest version 6.29-4215 Beta and try test again. This problem is fixed for AMD CPU/APU: And the red color of the parameter itself means that either it goes beyond the permissible limits and the machine control circuits have been triggered, or the board...
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    CPU package power does not show in system tray settings on restart

    ceevee OS version? If Win10 any version please, report bug to Microsoft - he hidden changes WinAPI on some OS update.
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    Skylake PCH on Kabylake CPU?

    Noobtechie Notebook makers resort to renaming devices by changing their Hardware ID in order to exclude the possibility of using drivers other than those provided. Most often, this can be a necessary measure if they use a non-standard scheme for switching on microcircuits, which forces them to...