cpu package power

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    Possible Alder Lake CPU power package bug?

    So I did set the PL to 35 ok but still I find it strange that I got such a high score (especially considering the clocksreaching 5.2GHz) on cinebench while the average power was only 7 watts according to HWinfo
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    SmartShift Laptop Sensor Readings

    I have an MSI Delta 15, which has the Ryzen 5800H combined with the RX 6700M GPU. My understanding of the sensors is that CPU PPT is the power for the CPU cores + the iGPU of the 5800H (combined with other CPU/APU rails) while the 6700M is reported as either GPU ASIC or TGP Power. My question...
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    Wrong CPU Package Power reading when overclocking I7-6800K

    Greetings, I'm currently having a look at a platform of mine, that would be a gigabyte x99p-sli (bios F25b) coupled with an I7-6800K. All looked well, save for a reading i noticed while i was scrolling through HWinfo sensors. It seems that when the CPU is used on stock settings and therefore...
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    smu cpu package power higher than psu

    hwinfo64 says the smu cpu package power is 999.958w, yet i only have a 750w psu and the system is not crashing. Anyone know why? Am i interpreting it right? I have a 1950x in a asrock x399 fatality mobo. I have turned on cpb and set the cieling vid to 3800mhz @1.175v. I also overclocked 4 sticks...