smu cpu package power higher than psu


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hwinfo64 says the smu cpu package power is 999.958w, yet i only have a 750w psu and the system is not crashing. Anyone know why? Am i interpreting it right? I have a 1950x in a asrock x399 fatality mobo. I have turned on cpb and set the cieling vid to 3800mhz @1.175v. I also overclocked 4 sticks of 3000mhz ram to 3200 and set the dram voltage to 1.36 as well as disabled gear down/power down. llc's are on auto lvl5


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Those 999 watt look like an invalid readout, also the current value of 0 W doesn't seem correct.
This might be usually caused by either a BIOS issue (try to upgrade it) or running with Hyper-V enabled.
Thank you for your response. Hyper-V is set to manual start as i dont intend to use it, but that doesn't rule out possible malware that operates similar. I am running the latest bios version. I haven't changed anything since, but the reported smu is i believe more accurate now, screenshot attached.


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