1. Dave1001

    +12V Rail 0.1v Fluctuations?

    now I'm fully aware that software and even Bios aren't fully reliable for PSU readings (HWInfo and Bios have the exact same readings for me), but in the images below, for as long as I've had this Phanteks Revolt Pro 1000W PSU (about a month now), I've seen these ~0.1V fluctuations. in games...
  2. A

    PSU voltages as reported by HWiNFO

    Hi! I have recently bought an XPG 650w core reactor power supply. My system uses the Gigabyte B450 Gaming X as a main board, and the first thing I did after installing the PSU was check on the different readings of voltages in HWiNFO and those were the results: The second one was under gaming...
  3. R

    7.0 and Corsair AX1600i

    Looking through old posts, I understand that the protocols for Corsair power supplies haven't been great (from HWiNFO). Yesterday, I upgraded to HWiNFO 7.0. I also upgraded from a Corsair HX1200i to an AX1600i. I'm finding that HWiNFO seems to sporadically detect the power supply -- sometimes...
  4. Z

    smu cpu package power higher than psu

    hwinfo64 says the smu cpu package power is 999.958w, yet i only have a 750w psu and the system is not crashing. Anyone know why? Am i interpreting it right? I have a 1950x in a asrock x399 fatality mobo. I have turned on cpb and set the cieling vid to 3800mhz @1.175v. I also overclocked 4 sticks...
  5. X

    Troubleshoot: PC Crash while Gaming

    Hello, I'm new here and i was hoping someone could help me out troubleshooting my PC crashing. I'm having trouble figuring out which component is causing the crash, so my build is pretty old since 2015 roughly, so out of no where after being stable for at least 5 years it started crashing after...