PSU voltages as reported by HWiNFO


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Hi! I have recently bought an XPG 650w core reactor power supply. My system uses the Gigabyte B450 Gaming X as a main board, and the first thing I did after installing the PSU was check on the different readings of voltages in HWiNFO and those were the results:
HWiNFO64 v7.40-5000 - Sensors Status 3_21_2023 8_39_32 AM.pngHWiNFO64 v7.40-5000 - Sensors Status 3_21_2023 8_52_39 AM.png
The second one was under gaming load. As you can see while the volt on the +3.3V rail is within tolerance it still seems a little too low. The +12v rail seems to fluctuate greatly as well. I am using a very power efficient graphics card (RX 6600), which doesn't exceed 120 W under maximum load. I have read on other discussions on the website that there is a margin of error on voltage readings as reported by the motherboard. For example, on another post it was mentioned that there is a +/-.096 margin of error on the +12v rail. But are the deltas correct on the other hand? Like, if one reading is reported as above for the +12v rail 12.096 and the other is reported as 11.088 does that mean that regardless of the accuracy of those reported values, the difference of 184 mm between the two values is correct?
Voltage drop under load is expected, I think that 1.88V is still within the acceptable range.
It is supposed to be a gold rated PSU though. I have an older XFX pro PSU, bronze rated, which has much higher and more stable voltages as per those readings.
Doesn't voltage drop equates with lower efficiency though since the system will try to compensate by drawing more power or is that not how it works?