1. A

    Is this normal voltage drop during heavy GPU load?

    Hello! Was wondering if 8-pin input voltage under load is ok? It drops to 11.695V, but when not under load stays ~12V. Corresponding power consumption: Was doing a FurMark test on RTX 3080 MSI Gaming X Trio using Seasonic PRIME 1000w Platinum power supply. Is this normal? The system...
  2. A

    HWInfo causing constant 1.4v and high temps, just monitoring

    I have been searching and trying to work out why my comp never seems to idle or step down. The cores are constantly high, temps are high and cpu voltages constantly around 1.48 Tried various undervolting etc etc. Nothing was helping the cores step down. Turns out all i had to do was close...
  3. n1ko

    No VID voltage on ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-F GAMING Board

    Hi, I have 3 questions: 1. There is no VID voltage on in my HWINFO. Is this normal for that board? 2.Can I see whats entering from the VRM to the CPU, like VROUT on Gigabyte motherboards? Or ASUS have their own sensor for that? 3.The WHEA was showing me 0 errors, now I dont see it. How that...
  4. G

    What's the difference between core VID vs Vcore?

    I am asking to learn what's the difference between "core VID" and "Vcore" because i think they are the same since they both show the voltage of the core but the readings are different so i need to know what's the difference. Thanks!
  5. S


    Hello, i noticed my Gpu Vrm Voltage In is extremly low I can't even get stable 11.600v I haven't noticed any problems with my gpu, besides low gpu usage. I was doing some research about this, and 12.600v and 11.400v are the tolerable voltages What can i do?? Ryzen 2600 Rx570 OC 1414mhz...
  6. B

    Incorrect Voltage on +12V Rail

    See attached for system & sensor report. BIOS reading @ 11.772V HWiNFO64 @ ~9.8V version 6.24-4120
  7. L

    Changing CPU or iGPU voltage offset won't update in HWiNFO if already running

    Since HWiNFO v6.14 (I believe) if you change CPU or iGPU voltage offset using XTU or Throttlestop when HWiNFO is already running then it won't show the updated settings. This used to work prior to v6.14.