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Hello, i noticed my Gpu Vrm Voltage In is extremly low 1604773645999.png I can't even get stable 11.600v

I haven't noticed any problems with my gpu, besides low gpu usage.

I was doing some research about this, and 12.600v and 11.400v are the tolerable voltages

What can i do??

Ryzen 2600
Rx570 OC 1414mhz 1945mhz memory timing lvl 2
Motherboard MSI B450 PRO-VDH
16GB 2x8 2666mhz
Power Supply EVGA 100-W1-0600-KR 80 PLUS White 600W

What does the mainboard sensor says about +12V rail?
If that 11.266V (out of +/-5% spec) was really true you would've notice some instability I assume.
I dont find any +12V Rail on my motherboard

Altough i did realize my Amperes are really high, Hwinfo shows me this benchmarking


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How old is that Power Supply? And is there instability, or sensor value based concern?

EDIT: Also how about other V12 rail voltages, not only on GPU?

I have this power supply, recently i had random shutdowns, but i think that was because i did some cpu overclock, and even with 3.6Ghz and 1.14v it was crashing anyway, so i decided to come back to game boost and so far i'm good.

But i already have a while knowing that the VRM Voltage is that low, because of that, i think those shutdowns were because of my shitty processor and not the GPU, so i don't have exactly instabillity.
ATX Standard specifies that the 12V rail should not go lower than 11.4V, nor higher than 12.6V. Your PSU is either not sufficient for the load placed on it, or is failing. At 11.2 V the voltage regulators will be struggling to provide clean power to various parts of the machine. I bet if you load down the PSU with Prime95 on the CPU and FurMark on the GPU, the system would shut down.

I would replace that PSU.
That's why this is so weird man, i mean i can play for HOURS without any issue at all, i already fixed the shutdowns, and it wasn't because of the gpu, altough it's probably a software issue, but i have no way to see bios voltage either
Gaming is a completely different load than stress testing though. I've never seen a game put the load on a system that a stress test does. There's no comparison.