1. N

    HWinfo64 claiming my GPU has hit power limit.

    Hi all, I'm running the latest version of HWinfo64 and my GPU is an MSI gaming trio RTX 3070. After a gaming session, HWinfo often reports that the performance limit - power has been hit ("performance limit - power - YES") despite the 'Total GPU power (% of TDP) only reaching 70%. Moreover...
  2. isilme

    Trying to find out what is wrong with my PC

    I hope it is ok I'm writing here. Long story short my partner gave me his GPU because he upgraded and since I installed his card while playing heavy games my PC shuts down. No BSOD. No weird temps were noticed. The PC is about 3 years old and the PSU 2 years old. I am trying to figure out how...
  3. alexceltare2

    Aero bug when closing HWiNFO with "Wake disabled GPU (Extended)" after a game

    I know, I know, Windows 7 is unsupported but I will report this bug anyway. So the problem appears in the following scenario: 1. I open the latest HWiNFO. 2. I open Street Fighter X Tekken in Full Screen and play a bit to stress test the GPU. 3. I close my game and watch the temperature readings...
  4. Lorx

    Strange HotSpot readings from my RTX 2070 Super

    Hi there! I'm having strange temps reading by HWinfo about my GPU HOTSPOT, basically when playing Apex or any "demanding" games i hit temps around 80°C on the GPU but 105°C (stable) on the hotspot! After a game lasted 10 mins (for testing purposes) my highest reached temp are: GPU: 78.5°C GPU...
  5. brucks

    GPU Memory Junction sensor bug

    Hello, always after finishing my session with my pc I usually tend to see the information that hwinfo has collected, the fact is that I have noticed the following; in the GPU Memory Junction sensor (it appears in spanish but it can be seen on the right) I got really strange temperature sensor...
  6. S

    Cant access GPU Temp on HWInfo v.5.92-3580

    Hey guys! I have used HWInfo for a few years now. It always worked well and i loved managing my PC diagnostics with this programm. Recently i wasn't able to find my GPU Temperature anymore and this hasn't changed... I dont think i updated the software, but im not exactly sure. Thanks for your...
  7. C

    Wrong GPU Hot Spot Temperature since 7.22

    Hi HWiNFO64 has always been reporting correct GPU Hot Spot Temperature until I upgraded to 7.22. My GPU is 3090, I can tell its correct Hot Spot Temperature for almost a year now, since I started ETH mining with the GPU when the PC is not being used. The sensor is a key indicator, which...
  8. R

    Zero GPU Readings (Temp, etc)

    Hi, I just installed hwinfo and clicked to open sensors then a warning message popped up (which i should have read properly) but it stated that it is advised against reading a certain sensor due to a certain technology involvement (which i now think relates to the dedicated GeForce RTX 3070 on...
  9. I

    Power Throttle on GPU?

    Hello all, I am very new to this software and am trying to take a more proactive approach to PC maintenance. I have only had one crash recently, in which Warframe closed itself and redirected me to a webpage titled "Hardware Failure". I don't think that's supposed to happen. Looking through...
  10. A

    Is this normal voltage drop during heavy GPU load?

    Hello! Was wondering if 8-pin input voltage under load is ok? It drops to 11.695V, but when not under load stays ~12V. Corresponding power consumption: Was doing a FurMark test on RTX 3080 MSI Gaming X Trio using Seasonic PRIME 1000w Platinum power supply. Is this normal? The system...
  11. R

    what is "d3d utilizations "?

    what is "d3d utilizations " and why the current value is always blank ?? GPU is a RX 580 , latest drivers, latest windows updates and chipset drivers . PS: I am using the last Stable version of hwinfo
  12. F

    Alienware m15 r4 temperature review

    Hello everyone, in these days I had some problems regarding CPU/GPU temperatures after a re-paste. I used thermal grizzly thermal paste and I changed some thermal pads too. I tried many times and I was not able to do anything better than these results...
  13. M

    Does this shows total GPU power and/or TDP

    In HWInfo, I only have 1 sensor that shows anything power related for the GPU, which is GPU Core (NVVDD) Output Power. Is this what shows total GPU power and/or TDP. There's no other option for me so I don't really know. I'm on a laptop if that helps.
  14. T

    Wrong GPU name

    Hello, after updating GPU driver hwinfo shows wrong GPU name. I have Zotac GeForce GTX 1060 AMP! Edition. But now it shows Zotac GeForce GTX 1060 AMP!/Mini. I understand that this is not affecting GPU performance but somehow it feels sad. :(
  15. I

    Asus TUF 3080 OC fan speed issue

    Hello, I just wanted to post this here and get your thoughts on what might be happening and if it could be explained by how HWiNFO works or if it might be an issue I need to investigate further. I have an Asus TUF 3080 OC and I prefer to set my own fan curve to keep it a bit cooler. The stock...
  16. B

    2080 super performance thermal limit 1

    Hi, I’ve had the thermal limit 1 pop up sometimes in the performance section of the gpu. This happened constantly yesterday while the gpu didn’t go above 58 but didn’t happen at all today with gpu hitting 60 max. I’m confused as to what this means? Is something on my card overheating? It’s...
  17. S


    Hello, i noticed my Gpu Vrm Voltage In is extremly low I can't even get stable 11.600v I haven't noticed any problems with my gpu, besides low gpu usage. I was doing some research about this, and 12.600v and 11.400v are the tolerable voltages What can i do?? Ryzen 2600 Rx570 OC 1414mhz...
  18. bard990

    Fan speeds not showing after adjusting fan curve

    For the first time I’ve decided to adjust my fan curve for my EVGA 2070 Super. It was on the default curve which has the fans kick in at around 60 C. When I adjust the fans in EVGA Precision and close the program, hwinfo no longer reads the fan speeds. The temperature is correct, but the RPMs...
  19. Zackptg5

    Wrong GPU Memory Clock Shown

    Took the update to v6.32 and found that the wrong GPU memory clocks is shown. I thought it was some kind of bug with the latest nvidia driver but msi afterburner is still showing the correct frequency. But when I overclock it (in this case, +350mhz), it shows a very different value (afterburner...
  20. E

    AMD Vega 64 missing 2 GPU temp sensors in versions 6.26 onwards

    Hi Martin! My GPU is AMD Vega 64 and I am on driver version Radeon Pro Driver 20.Q2.1. I normally have 5 GPU temp sensors: GPU Core GPU Hot Spot GPU Memory GPU VRM GPU Memory VRM temps In version 6.26 onwards (tested and confirmed on 6.28 as well) the GPU VRM and GPU Memory VRM temps are no...