My desktop pc Black Screen for seconds when gaming at 144Hz


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Hello everyone,

I'm a bit lost, so few days ago i switched monitor for a 60Hz and when plugging back my 144Hz monitor, i noticed that there was a short black screen for 2 sec. I tought that it was changing input and so displaying a black screen. Thats when I launched my game and after just a minute a black screen for 2-3 seconds again. Weird, I keep playing and again after 2 min black screen for 10 seconds this time.

I figured, I had a problem so switched to resolution mode, tried everything I could find on the internet:

- resetting drivers with ddu and installing a new one
- resetting drivers, ddu, installing old clean driver that didnt have the problem.
- switching pc to see if its the screen
- swithcing screen to see if its the pc
- unmounting gpu and remounting it
- limiting hz (stopped the problem at 60, everything above has random black screen)
- registry edit so i added tdrdelay at 10ms
- reinstalling windows.(still occur)

On discord someone asked me to do a stress test with hwinfo, prime 95 and furmark. Just did but nobody can look at it for now so if anyone has any idea or might wanna look at the problem here is the csv file . Thank you and hope it never happens to you, the frustration of being in the middle of a fight and having a black screen is unmatched lol...

Ps: it started out of the blue without any updates or drivers update to my knowledge