black screen

  1. N

    My desktop pc Black Screen for seconds when gaming at 144Hz

    Hello everyone, I'm a bit lost, so few days ago i switched monitor for a 60Hz and when plugging back my 144Hz monitor, i noticed that there was a short black screen for 2 sec. I tought that it was changing input and so displaying a black screen. Thats when I launched my game and after just a...
  2. HakzoPhobic

    Need help figuring out what is causing random freezes and crashes on my computer (log file)

    Hi, so my pc has been crashing a lot lately seemingly at random but also usually happens when playing games. Entire PC would just freeze or black screen and id have to restart it. This has happened before so I replaced my cooler fan recently thinking it was due to my CPU overheating, but the...
  3. W

    Power reporting deviation <40%

    So i'm running a 3700x cpu with only the auto overclocking enabled in ryzen master for as far as I know. I just saw this in hw info and read the description and well my numbers average a 7.6% power reporting deviation and the description says it should be 100%. I'm getting random blackscreens on...