Aero bug when closing HWiNFO with "Wake disabled GPU (Extended)" after a game


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I know, I know, Windows 7 is unsupported but I will report this bug anyway.
So the problem appears in the following scenario:
1. I open the latest HWiNFO.
2. I open Street Fighter X Tekken in Full Screen and play a bit to stress test the GPU.
3. I close my game and watch the temperature readings and all is good.
4. I close HWiNFO and all the sudden a horizontal line on the top of my desktop appears. It mirrors the bottom lide of my desktop and flickers at every mouse cursor move.

The problem doesn't appear when not running the game or when not enabling "Wake disabled GPU (Extended)". Everything works fine after I reset dwm.exe/log off/change theme to basic then to Aero again.
I have a dual-GPU HP laptop (AMD Radeon 8650M + AMD Radeon 8750M)
This must be something related to GPU drivers as HWiNFO is performing only standard queries.
Both "Wake disabled GPU" options perform only a short OpenCL sequence at start to wake the GPU up and older GPUs/drivers were known to have issues in OpenCL.
The "Wake disabled GPU (Extended)" performs an extended OpenCL sequence, so if there's a problem, don't use it.